Mary Morgan talks about the Trial of a Warrior

Mary Morgan is here with us today! She writes time-travel, historical, paranormal, and fantasy stories. She’s often said, “It’s where history meets magic.”

Hi Jean! I’m thrilled to be here today! Thank you for allowing me to share with your readers my new release. Let me give you a glimpse behind the scenes of how this tale began…

I have never had a story developed so quickly as Trial of a Warrior. Princess Abela, a major secondary character from the previous stories, stunned me one cold winter morning when she stepped forth within my thoughts and Liam’s prison. Uncertainty filled me as I fought against her choice for the heroine. Yet, she refused to leave, and I yielded to her demands. After all, she is royalty. In the end, it was a perfect match.

Liam and Abela took me on an amazing adventure. I allowed these characters to involve me—the writer—on their epic journey. We also learned that the greatest Fenian Warrior, Aidan Kerrigan, had his own secret. Did I know this important fact? No. The warrior chose not to reveal this particular information until I was almost finished writing the story.

And this is what happens in the life of a writer. Some elements of a story unfold immediately before we hit the first keystroke. However, there are times when you have nothing, and when you sit down to begin, the characters reveal the story to you


Trial of a Warrior

A warrior sentenced to die.

On trial for breaking a supreme Fae law, Fenian Warrior, Liam MacGregor has no regrets. He is prepared to accept his sentence—even if it means his death. However, freedom comes in an unexpected manner, and brings with it certain dangers as he travels through the Veil of Ages.

A princess honor-bound to remain hidden.

Princess Abela might be a priestess and the daughter of royalty, but that doesn’t prevent her from doing the unimaginable. She sacrifices duty and honor to set free the man who captured her heart so many years ago. No matter the severity of his crimes, she cannot let Liam die.

A rescue that will bring about a war and divide a kingdom!

In their quest to secure a treaty to forestall Liam’s death sentence, they must fight their desires for one another, as well as the Fenian Warriors sent to capture them.

"You met them in the Order of the Dragon Knights. Now, journey to the realm of the Fae and witness their legends!”

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Now for an excerpt:

Taking the end of her braid, Liam wove the soft hair around his finger. Black as ebony, the lock glistened in the soft glow of the fire. She’d tempted him beyond reason. Once, he thought there might have been a destiny, but her words of rejection slammed the door on any possibility. If she had no desire to claim him, why did Abela come to his initiation?

“Why witness my ceremony?” He let out a frustrated breath and brought the braid to his lips.

“Because I never said goodbye,” she uttered softly. Lifting her head, her eyes sought his and her cheeks colored from the heat of his gaze.

Liam was unable to look away from her beauty. “No. I recall harsh words and tears.”

“We were young—naïve.”

“Stubborn and set on a path of adventure,” he added.

“But our roads have led us to this fork, so to speak.”

Liam cupped her chin. “Was it destined?” He felt her tremble from his touch.

“I am not a seer,” she replied, darting her tongue out along her bottom lip. 

His mind screamed at him to move away. She was a princess—a priestess. But the temptation to taste her lips once more seeped into his being. Liam bent his head and placed a feather-like kiss on the corner of her mouth.

A small breathless whisper escaped her lips, “More.”

Her invitation sparked a desire that had remained sealed. Cupping the back of her head, he continued to kiss her tenderly on the eyes, nose, and forehead. As he shifted his position, Liam brought his arms around her and dared to feast on something that was forbidden. If death was his future, he wanted one more kiss to take with him.

More with Mary…

When did your writing journey begin?

I’ve been writing since I was a child—from poems, short stories, and plays. Yet, life got in the way of my dreams, and it wasn’t until much later on in my life that I took to writing seriously. I believe I had to take the long journey of self-discovery, before I became a published author.

Do you find inspiration in your own life for your writing?

There’s a wee bit of myself in all of my heroines.

Any new projects on the horizon?

I’m finishing up the fourth and final book in the Legends of the Fenian Warriors called Destiny of a Warrior. This is the tale of Aidan Kerrigan, one of the mightiest warriors of my fictional Fae realm, and his exile from his own kingdom after falling in love with a mortal woman. I’m keeping fingers crossed it will be out in early summer of 2019.

Words of advice for fellow writers in the trenches:

When those whispered words of doubt creep in, banish them. Do not listen to the negative or someone else stating your work isn’t any good. Trust your inner voice and do not give up! There will always be a critic, so develop your turtle shell now. This will enable those harsh words to roll off your back. There’s a difference between constructive criticism and those who are mean.

Great advice!

Where can you find Mary (besides hanging out at Urquhart castle - top right)?  Website ,  blog ,  Twitter ,  Facebook ,  Goodreads ,  Amazon ,  Pinterest ,  Instagram ,  Bookbub .

Where can you find Mary (besides hanging out at Urquhart castle - top right)? Website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, Pinterest, Instagram, Bookbub.


Oxford comma? Yes!

Ice cream: Vanilla bean.

Coffee or tea or wine? Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon.

What does your desk look like? I’m surrounded by books on writing, history, and Celtic mythology Ancient maps, stones (from my travels in Europe), and crystals are tucked into nooks within the desk.

What is your writing vice or must-have? Leather journal.

Describe a perfect writing day. No interruptions.

What are some of your go-to methods for writing? I plot everything, though it doesn’t mean those segments will make it into the final story.

In an alternate reality, what would be your dream job (besides author)? Archaeologist  or history teacher.

Favorite place you've visited? Two: Scotland and Ireland.

You have a time travel machine. Past of future? Where/when? The past to Arbroath Abbey in Scotland, where the Declaration of Arbroath was drawn up in 1320.

What do you like to do when not writing? Reading, baking, or tending to my garden.

Beach, lake, or mountains? Mountains.

If you could meet one famous person, living or dead, who would it be? King Brian Boru of Ireland (941-1041)

Thanks for joining us today, Mary!