Charlene Namdhari's new release: Daredevil's Mistress

Welcome, Charlene!

Tell us a bit about what you write:

So far every attempt ends in a novel. Just when I think the end is around the corner I decide to add something else which eventually leads to a full length novel.

When did your writing journey begin?

Started in school where I enjoyed English especially the creative and essay writing portions. I attempted a few short stories then but mainly for school competitions. Wrote my first full length novel fourteen years ago. But chose to keep it merely as a hobby and only sought publishing recently.

What was your inspiration for (name of work/book)?

Daredevil’s belongs to Cody and plays an integral part in bringing Cody and Samantha together. If I say anymore then I’d spoil the story for my readers.

Do you find inspiration in your own life for your writing?

I do actually. Some of Daredevil’s Mistress stems from a facet of my life when you didn’t question your elders and respect was important. I doubt I would’ve had the nerve to portray Samantha’s character with my uncles. I would’ve loved to have met my own Cody though.

Any new projects on the horizon?

Currently working on book two which is based on Cody’s younger brother, Reece and his relationship

Words of advice for fellow writers in the trenches:

Just do it. Nope, I didn’t steal this from Nike. Thinking about writing that book and procrastinating helps no one just prolongs the query and publishing if it turns out to be a book publishers want. Believe in yourself and just write, editing comes later.

What was the hardest/most unusual/interesting part of the story to write/research?

Cody is pure alpha. Arrogant and downright rude. I think the hardest part to write was the development of Cody’s character from arrogant to lovable without readers hating him from the get go.

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Fire and Ice…

Twenty-four-year-old virgin Samantha Harman longs to escape her boring life and overbearing father in South Africa. She gains temporary freedom when she visits a friend's ranch in Arizona. Her father's price for letting her go? Return to an arranged marriage. But an unexpected attraction to a sexy cowboy is hard to fight and soon she's in bed with the devil.

Cody Bentley, a hardworking no-nonsense rancher, has been hurt before. To him, women are wanton troublemakers out for gold. Then his sister's feisty friend comes for a visit and ensnares him in a white-hot passion that threatens to melt the icy wall around his heart.

Will Samantha dare to defy her father's demands and convince Cody to take a chance on love?

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Speed-dating round:

Oxford comma, yes or no? Yes

Ice cream? Haagen Das Strawberry Cheesecake

Coffee or tea or wine? Tea

What does your desk look like? Currently – like a hurricane hit, I call it WIP

What is your writing vice or must-haves? Strangely, the TV

Describe a perfect writing day. Cold and rainy and no housework

What are some of your go-to methods for writing? When it hits, jot it down

In an alternate reality, what would be your dream job (besides author)? I married a billionaire – lazing by the pool

Where is your favorite place you've visited (or wish to visit)? Cannes, France

You have a time travel machine: past of future? Where/when? Past, Durban, SA, just turned 17, accept that modeling contract

What do you like to do when not writing? Read or watch a good horror

Beach, lake, or mountains? Lake with a mountainous backdrop

If you could meet one famous person, living or dead, who would it be? JK Rowling

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? Blue – Cody’s sexy eye color

What are you known for? Being mischief

Morning rooster, night owl, or midday lark? Night Owl

What comes first, character or plot (or other)? Plot

You find a $100 bill in your purse/bag, what would you spend it on? That’s a lot in rands so a full day spa treatment

How many hours a day (or week) do you write? I try to do it every day

Favorite childhood book? Nancy Drew

Favorite book of all time? IT – I hate clowns

You’re on a desert island, besides essentials, what do you bring? A hot sexy man – desert could get lonely


Born and raised in the coastal city of Durban, South Africa, she now lives in the City of Gold, Johannesburg. Charlene’s days are an energetic mixture of a full time job, a wife and mom to two beautiful teenagers and four dogs. She holds a law degree and is a passionate events manager.

Charlene enjoys travelling, a Mediterranean cruise being her most recent venture. She hopes to retire to a beautiful seaside cottage where she can spend lazy days on the beach drinking cocktails and focus all her energy on writing. She is of the firm opinion that one should not give up on a dream but rather make every attempt to get there no matter how long it takes.

Her love for writing stemmed from an avid interest in English at School, more so Literature and enjoyed writing short stories. She attempted her first full length novel fifteen years ago and although she loved the finish product decided she’d write mainly as a hobby and only recently sought publishing. Believing writing is the wings to holistic escapism, she makes the time in her busy schedule giving life to her dreams of bringing together passion filled heroes and heroines in a happily ever after.

A picture from one of the events Charlene coordinated the decor for as an event planner.

A picture from one of the events Charlene coordinated the decor for as an event planner.

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