Kim Turner Talks Family Sagas, Cowboys, and Romance

Hi! Thanks for having me. I am Kim Turner and I write Western Historical and Contemporary romance. My first Story Sawyer’s Rose was released in March of 2016 and was a Golden Heart and Maggie Finalist. The series is called The McCades of Cheyenne and book two is Wyatt’s Bounty which was released in April of 2017 and was a Maggie Finalist in 2018. I just submitted the third story in this series Dawson’s Haven which I expect to be out in late summer of this year. (2019) And I am presently working on the fourth brother Evan’s Ransom.

I like to say I write family saga, Love, & Suspense as the McCade brothers fight to settle an untamed West and also at times an untamed woman!

When did your writing journey begin? I have always wanted to be an author. I wrote short stories and poems but one day wanted to write novels. It just took me thirty years to take it seriously.

What was your inspiration for series? I think you are asking here about where I decided to go cowboy? I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie and any western that hit the screens. And then later on as an adult fell in love with Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman—probably because I have been a registered nurse for almost thirty years.

Do you find inspiration in your own life for your writing? I pull a few things from life to add to my stories but most often I create the characters and situations in my head as a total panster.  

Tell us about your experience with the publishing process. I work as a full time RN Quality Analyst and I have two kids so when I started writing in 2011, my goal was the traditional path as I didn’t figure I would have time to look into self publishing. I kept pitching at events for several years and finally got a contract offer from The Wild Rose Press in 2014 and my first story was released in 2015. (The McCades of Cheyenne Series began.)

Any new projects on the horizon? I just turned in the 3rd story in The McCade’s of Cheyenne, Dawson’s Haven—so look for it this summer some time.

Words of advice for fellow writers in the trenches: Just keep writing, contesting and meeting other authors in the business. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

The McCades of Cheyenne keeps me on my toes as this series will have stories on all four brothers and possibly a few spin offs. When writing historical, you gotta make sure your history is correct or readers will call you on it.

Find Kim’s books on Amazon:

Sawyer’s Rose, Wyatt’s Bounty, and All But the Fall.

Sawyer’s Rose:

Will a sheriff set on avenging his father rescue the mail order bride with secrets of her own?

As if he doesn't have enough to handle between running outlaws out of Cheyenne, keeping his brother's out of trouble and avenging his father's death, sheriff Sawyer McCade's meddling mother just dumped a mysterious mail-order-bride on his doorstep. One woman can be more trouble than a band of renegades and while this one has him all stirred up, he'd rather get to the bottom of the story she isn't telling. Rose Parker had it all. Until she discovers a web of danger and deceit that sends her running to Cheyenne, posing as a mail-order-bride. Escaping the evils of New York seems sensible until she meets the unsuspecting sheriff who didn't ask for her, has no intention of marrying her and won't rest until he uncovers her secret and sends her back home.

Wyatt’s Bounty:

Will a bounty hunter set on revenge risk it all to rescue the woman who walked away? 

Bounty hunter Wyatt McCade is recklessly taking down one outlaw at a time. Hard work is one way to forget Tess Sullivan’s womanly curves. But when he learns that she never left Cheyenne, he rides home and right into a trap. Left for dead, he recovers in the capable hands of the lady doctor and even if she can’t forgive herself, loving her is the easy part. But when McCade lands are threatened and he uncovers the truth, it is Tess who is caught in the balance. Finding himself on the bounty hunt of his life, he’ll risk it all to rescue the woman he loves.              

Doctor Tess Sullivan shattered her own heart by turning down Wyatt McCade’s proposal. Worse than the hurt in his eyes was watching him ride out of Cheyenne, knowing she’d made the biggest mistake of her life. Pining for his return, she blames herself when he is brought to Cheyenne beaten and near death. Forgiveness comes quickly in the arms of the bounty hunter she has always loved, but she soon finds herself the pawn in a deadly game of revenge, praying Wyatt will find her before it’s too late.

All But the Fall:

She’s running from the past…He’s running to her…

Stunt man Aaron Decker has his hands full raising his daughter, running his ranch and jumping horses for on a western television series. The job pays well enough for to purchase land to build a working ranch for older kids lost in the foster care system—much like he once was. What he doesn’t expect is to fall hard for beautiful nurse consultant, Jenna Wilder.

Putting a violent marriage behind her, Jenna Wilder has taken a job on the set of a western television series. With an infant son to raise on her own, she has no plans to ever trust a man again. So why can’t she get her mind off the soft spoken stuntman with a passion for horses? With Aaron, she begins to dream of a life she thought she would never have. But her past returns with a vengeance.

In a race against time, Aaron must convince Jenna to trust him in—and he will stop at nothing to save the woman who holds his heart.

Speed-dating round:

Ice cream? Vanilla.

Coffee or tea or wine? Coffee with half and half and splenda.

What does your desk look like? Have laptop, will travel. I don’t have a desk or office just laptops.

What is your writing vice or must-haves? I have my cowboy book which is a journal of notes about all my stories. It logs hair color, eye color, weapon used, quirks etc.

Describe a perfect writing day. I work full time. Only a writing retreat gives me a perfect writing day.

What are some of your go-to methods for writing? I do not outline as I am a total punster, but I use a story board to keep me on track.

In an alternate reality, what would be your dream job (besides author)? Cowboy’s wife. Ha

Where is your favorite place you've visited (or wish to visit)? I hope to venture out west sometime. I would also like to go to Alaska.

You have a time travel machine: past of future? Where/when? I suppose The old West.

What do you like to do when not writing? Hang out with my girls.

Beach, lake, or mountains? My husband and I hope to retire to the mountains but take vacations to the beach.

If you could meet one famous person, living or dead, who would it be? Dead maybe Abe Lincoln, living, still want to meet Garth Brooks.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? A new teal green---and do not put me beside red. I don’t like her.

What are you known for? These stories I write I hope, but before that as a nurse.

Morning rooster, night owl, or midday lark? I enjoy mornings and I am ready for bed at night.

What comes first, character or plot (or other)? Character and idea, never hardly plot, just let the characters lead.

You find a $100 bill in your purse/bag, what would you spend it on? Books and Mexican food.

How many hours a day (or week) do you write? About 2 hours a night and weekends a little more when time allows.

Favorite childhood book? Little House Series.

Favorite book of all time? I have enjoyed The Outlander series…took me 16 months listening on Audible while driving to and from work.

(I love Outlander and listened to half of them on Audible, too, while driving!)

You’re on a desert island, besides essentials, what do you bring? Duct tape and a cow---Love milk! Ha

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About Kim…

Kim Turner writes western historical romance, and discovered her passion of writing at the age of eight by writing poems, short stories and journals. Kim graduated from Clayton State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing and holds a Master's Degree in Adult Education from Central Michigan University. Working as a registered nurse educator for over twenty-seven years, she enjoys studying the medical treatments of the old west as well as keeping up with the latest western movies and television series. While she loves reading anything from highlanders to pirates, she claims to have an unquenchable thirst for the American Cowboy when choosing her reads. Kim lives south of Atlanta with her husband and calls her greatest accomplishment the birth of one daughter and the adoption of another from China-neither of which came easy. Kim is a member of Romance Writers of America and Georgia Romance Writers. Kim's Motto: It's All About A Cowboy and the Woman He Loves.